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Please contact us for more information about becoming an Angel Fund Investor. You can call 618-410-4002 or email us at hubbardsproam@att.net to schedule an appointment to discuss your investment.

    Call 618.632.5113 or email hubbardsproam@att.net for special scheduling during the week or for group scheduling. Both days do not have to be taken over one weekend. Classes are held at 506 W US Highway 50, O'Fallon IL Group classes can be held at group event location.
      ***If you are active military you must have an IL DL or IL ID in order to apply for a IL CCL.   You can however still apply if your resident state is (Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia) but must also have your resident state CCW before applying.  If you are applying for Utah and you do not have an IL DL or IL ID. Your resident state must recognize Utah's permit.  You must also have your resident state concealed carry before applying. ***